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How To Start a YouTube Channel by 2veritasium

A series of recent emails has led me to answer the question: what advice can you give about making science videos on YouTube?

The playlist:

Why Are Revolutionary Scientists Young? by 2veritasium

Einstein, Newton, Darwin, and Hawking are just some of the young scientists that have profoundly shaped science. Why is youth a key element in a revolutionary scientist. Note: this vlog contains a fair deal of conjecture. I invite healthy discussion and debate.

WHAT IF STAR WARS EPISODE II WERE GOOD? (Belated Media) by Belated Media

To make Star Wars Episode II good we’re going to need to shake things up a bit.
This is both a review and a hypothetical.



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- Dex’s Diner
- Kamino
- “Love scenes” between Anakin & Padme founded only on Anakin being persistent
- Returning to Tatooine
- Jango Fett (maybe mentioned to build out the world allowing for more impact when Boba is revealed in Empire)
- Basically all politics
- the Colosseum battle

- Padme’s life in danger
- Separatists
- The Clone Army
- A tracker leading to Geonosis
- Palpatine gaining more control
- Anakin meeting Owen
- Anakin losing an apendage
- Count Dooku as leader and “Fallen” Jedi
- Dooku telling Obi-Wan there is a Sith in the Senate
- Acklay
- Clone Troopers arrinving in the nick of time
- Yoda sensing darkness

- Naboo is now Alderaan (forgotten detail intended for Episode I)
- Anakin & Obi-Wan spend far more time together
- Owen’s role increased
- Bail Organa’s presence increased and relationship to Padme altered
- Maul is alive
- Dooku’s redemption (isn’t a Sith)

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How to build a desk with DIY Pete by Pete Sveen - Pete shows how to build a desk with plans courtesy of Ana-White and Shanty2Chic. This video walks you through each step of building the “Fancy X Desk” using their plans. I did modify the top by using 2x8 boards and adding breadboard ends. The wood costs about $60.00 and the desk can be made in a weekend.

Make an elegant writing desk. Quaint and charming! by Steve Ramsey

This writing desk is a perfect solution for an uncluttered look in a small space. I made this one using maple plywood and inexpensive pine boards. More info and free plans:


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Halo: The Movie HD (Halo Wars, Halo Reach, Combat Evolved, Halo 2, Halo 3 ODST, Halo 3, Halo 4) by Gamers Little Playground™

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Halo Wars - 0:00
Birth of a Spartan - 26:04
Deliver Hope - 28:16
Halo Reach - 30:20
Halo CE Anniversary - 1:26:15
Halo 2 - 2:05:15
Halo 3 ODST Live Action Trailer - 2:55:32
Halo 3 ODST - 2:57:52
Halo 3 ODST Trailer (Mixed into ODST cutscenes) - 3:01:28
Halo Live Action Mini Movie - 03:35:44
Halo 3 - 3:42:30
Halo 4 Infinity Trailer - 4:27:20
Halo 4 - 4:29:00
Halo 4 Scanned Trailer (Mixed in with Halo 4 Story) - 04:46:42
Spartan Ops -
Halo 3 Believe Campaign (Remixed for cinematic purposes) - 5:36:20

Here it is guys, the complete Halo Saga as seen through the Halo video games all in one place and in CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER! I’ve had a lot of you ask me for this, so I decided to take the time to put it together. I tried to transition the games in a smooth fashion, and I also included the cinematic trailers that accompanied the games. I’m starting a “The Movie” series where I put all the stories of a series in one video. Let me know what game series you want to see next!



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